Job Market Paper

  1. Value Pricing or Lexus Lanes? The Distributional Effects of Dynamic Tolling
    Cody Cook and Pearl Z. Li
    Last updated: Dec 2023

Working Papers

  1. Where to Build Affordable Housing? Evaluating the Tradeoffs of Location
    Cody Cook, Pearl Z. Li, and Ariel J. Binder
    Last updated: Nov 2023
  2. Identification Using Revealed Preferences in Linearly Separable Models
    Nikhil Agarwal, Pearl Z. Li, and Paulo Somaini
    NBER Working Paper No. 31868. Nov 2023


  1. DSGE Forecasts of the Lost Recovery
    International Journal of Forecasting, Volume 35, Issue 4. Oct 2019

Work in Progress

  1. (Re)allocation Mechanisms For Durable Goods: Theory and Evidence from Affordable Housing
    Cody Cook and Pearl Z. Li
  2. Designing Against Market-Induced Discrimination in Online Advertising Auctions
    Pearl Z. Li